Egypt's Water Sports Capital[ ]

The Destination

The Destination

A haven of relaxation away from the busy life of Cairo, and only about 200 km away from the capital, Ras Sudr is the perfect place for a nearby and refreshing getaway. With its convenient proximity, worldwide reputation for kite-surfing, renowned hot springs known for their natural remedies, various activities to take part in, and even historical sights to see, Ras Sudr is fast becoming ‘Cairo’s beach’, and the destination of choice for non-Cairean Egyptians alike.

The Location

Ras Sudr is Located on the shores of the Red Sea
in Southern Sinai, Ras Sudr encompasses
6750 km2 (square km).
  How to get there?

Excellent Weather

The weather is what truly distinguishes Ras Sudr from other destinations of the beach. Known for its mild climate all year round, Ras Sudr rarely ever gets too hot or too cold. Proof for its excellent weather is in its worldwide celebrated status as being a perfect location for kitesurfing, due to its wind speed and wind direction.
The high season for Ras Sudr lies between the months of May to September, naturally due to both the weather and the end of year vacation for schools. The average temperature from January until April falls between 20 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius, whereas in the summer months from May to August, temperatures rarely rise up above 33 degrees Celsius. September to December experience perfectly mild weather conditions, with a crisp average of 25 degrees Celsius.

Clothing Suggestions

Clothing suggestionsDue to mild temperatures, you will very rarely need winter clothes. The ideal piece of advice would be to layer your clothes during the winter months, from November to February, with a t-shirt, cardigan, and perhaps a hooded sweater – in case it gets chilly at night – being all you will really need. For spring and summer, you won’t need to layer much during the day, but at night you may need a cardigan.


Cairo International Airport is the closest airport. Being only 2 hours away from Cairo, it’s quite easy to get from the capital to Ras Sudr by car or bus. If going by car, there’s a direct route to Ras Sudr via the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. If taking the bus, there are several transportation companies to choose from, with Superjet being one of the most popular in Egypt.

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