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Natural Wonders

Ein Malha

80 km away from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel, Ein Malha springs are not only a beautiful location for some nature sightseeing, but they’re also believed to have cured several diseases over the years. the miracle sulfate hot water found in the springs – with temperatures ranging from 42 degrees Celsius to 73 degrees Celsius – are said to be a source of healing and physiotherapy for ailments relating to bones, joints, rheumatism, paralysis, etc. Locals commemorate this natural phenomenon by holding festivals where they take baths and drink the spring’s miracle water to celebrate good health and longevity. But whether you’re looking for a remedy or just a breathtaking sight worthy of some stunning photos, Ein Malha is definitely a spot to visit. The palm trees surrounding the springs and the untouched location is a pure piece of nature; somewhere you can sit, relax, and get back in touch with the bigger picture.

Eyoon Mousa

14 Km. from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel , another natural wonder, Eyoon Moussa is a hot spring containing idiom and sulphur, known to be a good remedy for skin conditions and rheumatism., and apparently a hub for the cures of nature, there’s so much more than remedies at these miraculous sites. A location that heals the body should heal the mind and soul as well, and Ras Sudr, especially Eyoon Moussa, is no exception. Its minimalism is so refreshing – an escape away from the noise and clutter of modern living. Eyoon Moussa is also of vast religious importance, as it is where Moses escaped to from the Pharaoh and his army. Go to empty your mind, or just enjoy your beautiful surroundings with friends. There’s nothing quite like an experience stripped of distraction, and just you and your close ones around.

Ein Yirga

50 Km. away from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel , If you think Ras Sudr is not a winter-time retreat, Ein Yirga, should make you think again. What is better than soaking in hot mineral-rich spring water when the temperatures are low? It’s the ultimate detox, and – medically speaking – one that improves your digestive system and skin problems. Not only that, but if you’re a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Ein Yirga is located in a little charming valley, so doing a 30 meter dive into the hot spring water is very possible. The spot was developed by the Egyptian Government as a tourist area, but now locals and tourists alike visit Ein Yirga for a little downtime and relaxation, so make sure to visit and enjoy everything the sight has to offer

Hamamat Pharaon

115 Km. away from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel , You really have to see Hamamat Pharaon for yourself to understand the intensity this place posses. The landscape,, is absolutely breathtaking; the delicate carving in the rocks is so immaculately sculptured, making it a sight to marvel at for ages. But it’s not just all relaxation and meditation at the those royals springs – if you’re into a more adventurous approach to your trips, the surrounding area is full of attractions and activities for everyone. Climb a mountain, have an the off the beaten track camping experience, explore the area’s fascinating and colourful history – whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it

Wadi El Garandal

115 Km. from the Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel, it is definitely worth a visit, even if you’ve never come across the idea of bird-watching before. If bird-watching happens to be one of your hobbies, then you’re definitely in the right place. Wadi El Gharandal is a haven for exotic birds, all gathering in a beautiful oasis in the South of Sinai. It cannot get anymore otherworldly. Just imagine being in the middle of a lush, green oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by exotic birds living their lives normally around you. It is truly fascinating; a different kind of safari than the ones most people are familiar with. In fact, Wadi El Gharandal is quite a popular spot in Ras Sudr for one-day Bedouin-style tourism and safari trips. Get to know the Bedouin style of life, their art, their culture, traditions, and music, as well as enjoy the striking beauty of exotic birds, on this trip to Wadi El Gharandal; you won’t regret it.

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