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Ras Sudr is known as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Its wind speed, wind direction, shallow water, and warm temperatures all year round give it an advantage over other kitesurfing destinations anywhere else. The sport is that has been gaining popularity at an exponential rate in recent years. The buzz of gliding across the water on a board powered by a large kite 20 meters in the air is unparalleled. It’s truly a sport for everyone – the size of the kite and board used depends on the size of the surfer and the strength of wind. Everything is calculated down to the most minute details so as to assure the safety and enjoyment of all participants. It is so calculated that if, for example, you weight an average of 80 kgs, you will use a 12 meter kite on a 133 cm board in 15 to 20 knots (that is for a 30 – 40 km/hr wind speed).

Even though mostly popular with expats, kitesurfing instructors are hoping the sport picks up with Egyptians as well, as they see great potential in taking the Egyptian team to the Olympics starting 2016, when kitesurfing will be an official Olympic sport. Not only that, but they also hope to bring the World Cup to Egypt, knowing the country’s wind and temperatures would make it a perfect spot to hold the competition for the sport.

And those are just the very basics of this ever-growing sport. Experiencing its thrills is an adrenaline rush in a league of its own, and it is surely to invigorate you, relax you, and make you feel alive!

Best Seasons

Due to Egypt’s warm temperatures, there’s no one best season to enjoy kitesurfing; Ras Sudr is perfect for kitesurfing all year round. If you’re a beginner, you will probably need an instructor and some practice before going independent, and kitesurfing centres tend to operate only during certain months (March-Decemeber). But if you’re a seasoned kitesurfer, then the city’s available to you all year round.


After completing a 12 hour course spread over 4 days, covering the basics of kitesurfing such as kite flying, kite setup, launching and landing, self rescues, body dragging, water re-launch, and board starts, students are awarded the IKO license. The license is recognized worldwide at all IKO affiliate centres, allowing you to kitesurf anywhere you want, and rent equipment without having to re-take the course.


Kitesurfing is currently available in two of Ras Sudr’s resorts, Paradise and La Hacienda, and a twelve hour course is enough to give you the basics you need to kitesurf on your own so you can start enjoying the sport independently and with total freedom – which is arguably the key pleasure of the sport. Two of the most popular kitesurfing centres in Ras Sudr are Soul Kitesurfing Centre, located in La Hacienda Hotel, and CNS Fun Kite Centre, located at Paradise Hotel. Both centres are affiliated with the International Boarding Organisation, akin to the FIFA of the kitesurfing world, meaning that only internationally qualified instructors get to teach you.


Windsurfing Paradise

The crystal clear waters of Ras Sudr are home to a world leading windsurf destination. The warm water, sunny climate and constant wind provide the perfect venue for windsurfing. Skimming across the water at speeds of up to 30mph is a truly breathtaking experience. Ras Sudr’s local dolphins add to this experience. Lucky windsurfers might catch a glimpse of one of the local pods of dolphins and it’s not uncommon for them to play with windsurfers by jumping in front of the board.

Something For Everyone

Ras Sudr is suitable for all levels of windsurfer from novice through to expert. It really is a location for all the family. Modern light weight kit especially designed for children allows children as young as seven to take their first steps in the sport. For those who aren’t interested in windsurfing the sandy beaches, snorkelling, fishing and kayak trips provide plenty of other activities.


The wind in Ras Sudr tends to be lighter first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon. These light winds combined with the shallow, flat water allow complete novices to progress quickly and enjoy the sport. After a beginner lesson of one or two hours most people will be able to control the board in light winds.


The wind increases as the day progresses providing great conditions for improvers and intermediates. Ras Sudr is a perfect place to learn harness and foot strap technique as well as carve gybes and tacks.


Ras Sudr also offers excellent conditions for advanced windsurfers. Freestyle windsurfers use the flat waters near the coast to perfect their tricks and jumps. The rolling swell and steeper chop found outside the main bays provide ramps for all kinds of jumps and loops.

Windsurfing Centers

The only dedicated windsurfing centre in Ras Sudr is Moonbeach Windsurfing at the Moonbeach hotel. The centre provides the very best windsurfing equipment, top level coaching and instruction. In addition the centre benefits from a waterfront bar a great place to relax and watch the action.

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For more information, please contact any of the following centres:

Soul Kitesurfing

Mobile No.: 0166683092


Sport Away (CNS Fun Kite Centre)

Mobile No.: 0125095360


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