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Historical Attractions

El Guindy Citadel

History at the heart of Ras Sudr, El Guindy Citadel is an 18th century fort and a top tourist attraction. Not far away from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel at 130 km and with a stunning view of the Red Sea and a city skyline like no other, it was built on a limestone in the 12th century, and the effects of the many military invasions that took place in the area from the Roman era all the way into the Islamic era are engraved in the walls of the castle, ensuring that its stories will never be forgotten. Being an architectural and historical masterpiece built by Saladinne in the Islamic year 1187, El Guindy Citadel is also known as El Sudr Citadel. It lies in the East of the city, and is built on huge rocks to ensure the safety of pilgrims during the Crusades. So make sure you pass by this historical splendor sometime in the midst of your journey.

Eyoon Mousa War Spot

If you’re looking for a bit of 20th century history, Eyoon Mousa war spot is not just a natural wonder; it was considered one of the most important strategic spots during wartime from 1967 to 1970. It was a time of tension and battle for Egypt in the Sinai peninsula, and with Eyoon Moussa overlooking Khaleeg El Eyoon from the East side of the Suez Canal, and Khaleeg El Suez and the towns Suez and Port Tawfik from the West side of the Canal, this spot was the perfect spot to be in control of during battle. Eyoon Moussa also overlooks Ras Sudr and the topographic path of Eyoon Moussa, and all major trails of movement within the town of Suez. It is only 10 km away from Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel, so it should definitely be one of the list of first things you visit.

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