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Dining In Ras Sudr

Dining in Ras Sudr offers visitors’ palates a taste explosion, with several types of cuisine too choose from. Whether you’re looking for Bedouin style dining found at La Hacienda or would prefer something a little more European, like a delicious Italian meal, Ras Sudr has something for everyone.

Some restaurants are dedicated to one type of cuisine, like the Italian restaurant or the Bedouin restaurant, but there are also restaurants that cater to all types of people and serve a number of international dishes.

Ras Sudr also has several cafeterias, restaurants and coffe shops in all of its hotels and resorts. Blue Bay, Fantasia, Golden Beach, La Hacienda, Moussa Coast, Paradise, Riviera all offer a quick snack or a cup of tea for you to enjoy. There are also many cafes and restaurants scattered in downtown Ras Sudr, including Cecil and Dolphin hotels.

If you’re looking to get away from the sun for a little bit, most hotels’ lobbies also have a bar, which is a good stop before going out or returning back to your hotel room.

Whatever direction your taste palate may sway, Ras Sudr will surely have something to delight it.

In Addition to the restaurants in the hotels & resorts, you can find more options down town

•The Italian Restaurant •Tel:0693000028
•Cecil (4* Hotel & Coffee Shop) •Tel:0107702879 , 0693402100
•Dolphin (Hotel & Coffee Shop) ) •Tel:0104665365 , 0693401901
•El Mashrabeya (Coffee Shop) •Tel:693400132 0
•El Hadramout (Restaurant ) •Tel:0100476970,0108646098,0123619079
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