Egypt's Water Sports Capital[ ]
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Sight Seeing

Natural Wonders : Ein Malha , Eyoon Mousa , Ein Yirga , Hammamat Pharoan , Wadi El Gharandal . Historical Attractions : El Guidy Cetadel ,,Eyoon Mousa War Spot.

Wild Life

Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by wide-open space, with nothing but nature in your way? Desert safaris are probably the most refreshing ...

Kite Surfing and Water Sports

Ras Sudr is known as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Its wind speed, wind direction, shallow water, and warm temperatures all year round give it an advantage over...

Real Estate

With 70 villages at Ras Sudr, the town has been heavily invested in from some of Egypt’s biggest companies. An impressive overall investment of EGP 6, 210, 690, 000 has been ...

Hotels & Resorts

Blue Bay Hotel & Resort
Fantasia Holiday Hotel
Golden Beach Hotel & Resort
La Hacienda Beach Resort
Mousa Coast Hotel & Resort
Paradise Hotel & Resort
Riviera Beach Ras Sudr

Photo Gallery

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